Freeway was one of California’s the hottest 1980s bands, performing from Sacramento to Los Angeles, is excited to announce the release of their debut album Freeway – The 1983 Tapes, 36 years to the day from when they started recording. This album incorporates the groups iconic original style and sound with a blend of 80’s rock and new wave music. The release will be Available at Tower District Records in Fresno, Amoeba Music in Southern California and online at iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and nearly all digital music outlets.

Freeways music quickly caught the attention of Banner Records, signing the band to a recording deal in 1980, the group soon found themselves in Hollywood at Studio 9 recording their single Tell Me What You Mean released in 1981, then returning to the studio at Circus Audio in Los Angles to record an additional six songs for an album that unfortunately was never released. The band continued to perform until the end of 1983. Knowing the band was coming to an end, they took themselves back into the studio to record eight of the songs on this album which have remained unreleased. In 2018 the group decide it was time to release, and after mixing the original eight 1983 tracks they decided to return to the studio in February 2019 and record two additional songs, rounding the count to 10. Their debut album The 1983 Tapes consists of nine originals and one cover song by the Los Angeles band the The Naughty Sweeties. With The 1983 Tapes release, fans will now be able to experience the Freeways unreleased originals as they were meant to be.

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