The 1983 Tapes – Freeway

Our debut album after 36 years.

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The 1983 Tapes

Freeway began in 1979 as a Central California rock band and all the band members have continued performing throughout California in various capacities. In April 1983 we recorded eight of the ten tracks and they have lived in milk crates, garages and closet shelves for 36 years. After mixing the original eight we decided to add two bonus tracks to round out the long awaited album!

Members: Debi Montanari-Valorosi: vocals, bass guitar ~ Danny Greer: vocals, guitar, organ ~ Tom Buratovich: vocals, drums, percussion ~ Dan Eickmann: vocals, guitar, piano

  • I Think About You 3:53
  • Everyday 4:46
  • Cheating My Heart 2:52
  • From The Lips 4:12
  • Stop 3:03
  • Pranks 1:43
  • Good Woman 3:03
  • Don’t Deceive Me 3:54
  • Alice 3:11
  • Would Do Anything 3:49

All songs written by Danny Greer (BMI) except, “Pranks” written by Tom Buratovich (BMI), “I Would Do Anything” written by Dan Eickmann (BMI) and “Alice”, written by Ian Jack (BMG, BMI). All tracks recorded at Sound Technique Recording Studio 4/23/1983 except “Good Woman” and “I Would Do Anything” recorded 2/9/2019 at 369 Records. Analog tape transferred at TrakWorx Studio San Francisco. Mixed and Mastered at 369 Records by Dan Greer. Album art designed by Roland Jones.

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