Old Dusty Roads – Buster Hewlett

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Buster Hewlett - Old Dusty Roads

Old Dusty Roads

  • Old County Bars (2:32)
  • I Surrender (3:27)
  • Images Of Love (3:01)
  • Be With You Tonight (2:53)
  • Pour The Wine (2:48)
  • Wiggle Waggle Blues (2:57)
  • Old Dusty Roads (3:18)
  • Only Trouble Is (3:25)
  • Under Her Spell (2:58)
  • Truckin’ Lovin’ (1:49)
  • Cowboys Like Them (3:19)
  • Sun To My Back (3:31)

Vocals: Buster Hewlett, Ashley Clay, Rick Norris ~ Piano/Keys: Ken Hurley, Dan Greer ~ Guitars: Dan Greer ~ Violins: Dee Johnson ~ Pedal Steel: Norm Hamlet, Dan Greer ~ Bass: Terry Keplinger, Ray Haney, Dan Greer ~ Drums: Bob Simpson, Chris Millar, Scotty Richardson

Produced & Engineered by Stan Anderson and Dan Greer at Trac Records. Mixed & mastered by Dan Greer at 369 Records. All songs written by Buster Hewlett, except ‘Sun To My Back’, written by Buster Hewlett and Jason Cade. Album art design by Brian Smart and Roland Jones. Released 05/20/2020

All songs are published with DA Newman Music (bmi). www.369Records.com ©2019 DA Newman Music, all rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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