🎶 2-4-1 Special – Whiskey And Life plus Freeway – The 1983 Tapes


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2-4-1 Special … Whiskey And Life plus Freeway – The 1983 Tapes … 2 CDs with Free Shipping!

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Buy Dan Greer’s new album Whiskey And Life and get Freeway’s 2019 album The 1983 Tapes as a bonus …

Dan Greer’s Whiskey and Life is a well crafted 10 songs album. Eight he wrote and two he felt a drawn towards. The songs he has written span a good 40 years starting with what he considers his first real song Tell me What You Mean original recorded by Freeway and released on Banner Records in 1981, to Bottle of Whiskey just a couple years old. While he has been leaning towards a country flavor over the last 15 years he still loves to experiment with genres as you’ll hear on this album.

There’s a little country, rock and americana.

Freeway began in 1979 as a Central California rock band made up of members Debi Montanari-Valorosi, Danny Greer, Dan Eickmann, and Tom Buratovich. Sometimes labeled as a new-wave band, their song list contained many original and covers songs, and soon became one of the hottest 1980s bands in Central California. In April 1983 they recorded eight tracks for an EP that went unreleased. These tapes have lived in milk crates, garages and closet shelves for 36 years. After mixing the original eight they decided to add two bonus tracks to round out the long awaited album!

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