Return To Music In 2024

First, I want to apologize for my long absence from my music. My personal life has gone through some rough times for the last three plus years, which ended with the loss of my beautiful wife of 27 years and friend of more than fifty years. I am just beginning to feel like living again and sharing with others.

On the music side of things, I am focusing on music again and will have new artists and music to share with the world in the future.

Someone I have been needing to acknowledge is my friend Terry Keplinger, who also lost his battle to cancer last year. I met Terry through Stan Anderson at Trac Records and had the honor of work with him on his album Countin’ Money. Terry and his wife Alice have hosted the Bakersfield Country Music Awards for the last 17 years, honoring musicians that have contributed to country music in the south and central San Joaquin Valley. Alice has committed to continuing the annual awards show and is receiving great support from the community. This year’s Bakersfield Country Music Awards will be, Sunday November 17th at The Nile Theater in downtown Bakersfield. I hope to see you there.

While at Trac Records, Terry also compiled a Best Of Terry Keplinger album that he sold at his performances with the 50 Buck Band. After Terrys passing, my offered to Alice, was to create 200 copies to sell as support for the awards show and to keep Terrys music alive. I have committed to giving 100% of the net profits to Alice as support for her hard work producing the awards show and supporting the community. You can purchase your copy here at Terry Keplinger – The Best Of.

Enough of my rambling. As I said, I am starting to open-up and embrace what life has to offer. One of my 2024 goals is to write and record more. Keep your hearts and ears open as 2024 progresses.

Be kind and remember, tomorrow isn’t promised!

Thank you for following and supporting me,

Dan @ 369 Records & DA Newman Music

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