Words Unsaid – Tim “Doc” Bailes

Back in 2012 I met Tim “Doc” Bailes while performing in the annual performance of New Wrinkles. New Wrinkles is an unbelievable group of singers, dancers and stage performers (all seniors, 55 plus) that dedicate hundreds of hours each into rehearsals for their annual performances.

A couple years back Doc dropped off a copy of his newly published book, “Hillbilly Heart“. A book of poems and other ramblings he had written over the years. While the book is filled with treasures, the one below touched me the deepest as it probably will you.

If you’re like me, there have been many people that have come into and out our lives too soon and in many cases, we choose not to or failed to say some important and meaningful words. Doc hits its right on the head with this poem.

Enjoy, be Kind and say I love you when you still have the opportunity.

Words Unsaid

Tim “Doc” Bailes – Hillbilly Heart

I saw you once a week it seemed
We’d laugh and share a smile
I’ve taken these times for granted
Thinking you’d be around a while
When your fated time had come
And I came knocking at your door
Your loving soul was heaven sent
That laugh and smile were never more
There were so many things we’ve talked about
As we’d pass along our way
But one thing not said has bothered me
And I regret it still today
I never said “I love you, friend”
Just hoping you would know
Your life has meant the world to me
It just hurts to see you go
There’s a promise that I make to you
From this wrong I hope to mend
To all of you I know and love
I want to say “I love you, friend

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